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320 frozen Danish pastries baked in just 18 minutes

There is no doubt that, over the past 50 years, commercial kitchens have changed beyond recognition. From the innovative microwave oven, first introduced in 1954 (costing over $50,000 in today’s money) to the push button technology of the 21st Century programmable combi-oven.


And it’s probably the combi-oven that has created the biggest sea-change. A single unit that offers three cooking modes, convection, steam or a combination of the two has evolved over the last few years to become the ‘must have’ appliance in any commercial kitchen.

The advantages of the combi-oven are legendary. It can bake roast, poach and grill and with pinpoint accuracy thanks to its state of the art technology that provides consistent results every time. Combination ovens have become increasingly popular, not simply because of their flexibility but also for the fact that they multi task a range of cooking needs.

Our range of HOUNÖ combi ovens, for example, can deal with just about any culinary challenge. From baking bread to roasting chickens to steaming vegetables and all at the touch of a button. HOUNÖ have been making world beating ovens in Denmark for over 30 years and have gained a global reputation for supplying products that ensure both a safe and healthy working environment as well as providing a healthy return on investment.

One of the key benefits of our combination ovens is that they can be operated by all catering staff without the need for extensive training and qualifications. This is where the Hounö range of combination ovens really come into their own. They can cook to suit demand, be programmed to switch on automatically, come with pre-set recipes for ease of use and can even bake on a continuous basis for increased profits.

Hounö combination ovens are ideal for a wide variety of catering outlets. From 5 star restaurants to over the counter take-aways. In fact, the visual cooking of the Hounö oven is something of a ‘showstopper’ especially for counter customers who can follow the complete baking process. Their compact footprint means they can fit into most kitchens or front of house operations.

And for high capacity kitchens such as hospitals, schools and care homes etc, we have a range of industrial combination ovens, that can bake 320 frozen Danish pastries in just 18 minutes.

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