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6 things I look for when checking into a hotel

  1. Car Park

As a frequent business traveller, often arriving at hotels in a car, I find it extremely useful when the hotel has a car park on site. Alternatively, it is good to know where the nearest affordable car park is. This information would be great at time of booking the hotel.

  1. Simple and effective check in

After a usually long drive or day of meetings, I like to be able to check in to the hotel quickly. Usually the staff can call up most of my details from the booking form. It is annoying when the check in staff ask me to repeat details I have already given.

  1. Clean room

I am sure this is the most important on everyone’s hotel requirements list. A clean room is essential for comfort and makes a huge difference to the feel of the stay. Even if a hotel is a ‘budget hotel’ it is still no excuse for having an unclean room.

  1. Good information

Information is really useful. There is nothing worse than arriving at a hotel and not knowing what time breakfast is, when the gym is open, what time the bar is open until. I find it very helpful when there is information about all of the hotel facilities and information about the local area. Having a list of nearby restaurants is great.

  1. Comfortable bed

Second to having a clean room, the comfort of the bed is essential for a good nights sleep. Again, even budget hotels have no excuse for having an uncomfortable mattress and pillows.

  1. Good breakfast

Finally, a good breakfast is the icing on the cake in a good hotel. It is great to start the day with a good choice of food, and something that is tasty and good quality. I personally don’t mind if I have to pay for breakfast as long as it is good.

There are a few other things I look for when staying at a hotel, including free Wi-Fi, quiet surroundings and location close to main roads. But all of this doesn’t fall into my essential category.