Freezer Pack Chill Trays

Keep your food cool in all situations. With our Freezer Pack Chill Trays you can keep your food cold for longer in a simple, cost efficient way. Just place the chill trays in to the freezer for a minimum of four hours, to keep food chilled for up to 3 hours.

The demand for chilled served food is growing, especially as pop up and temporary buffets are getting more and more popular. In the UK, buffets have been commonplace for many years.

Our Chill Trays are manufactured in gastronorm sizes and will keep your food appetizingly fresh, and most importantly, cold for up to 3 hours. Whether it’s for the breakfast buffet or the salad buffet, our high quality chill trays are the effective solutions for keeping food cold. Our Chill Trays keep anything from sandwiches to butter cold.

Simply put, we believe chilled food should only be served fresh and tasty. Our Chill Trays are adjusted for gastronorm measurements (GN) and are therefore easy to fit in serving counters.

To ensure a continuous and smooth usage, we recommend alternating a set of two chill trays.

Technical Information


Put the Staychill Chill Tray in freezer for at least 4 hrs. It can be frozen stacked vertically or horizontally. After freezing, the Chill Tray will remain a temperature below +8 °C for at least 3 hours. Chilled food must maintain a temperature of maximum +8° C to avoid increased bacteria growth and deterioration in taste and quality. Cold food must be chilled in a refrigerator before being placed on the Chill Tray.


Clean Staychill Chill Trays with lukewarm water and a damp cloth. Staychill Chill Trays are not to be washed in dishwasher