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Putting the pizzazz back into retailing.

Posted on 16th July 2019

Retailers are constantly looking at ways of making the customer experience more exciting and relevant in a bid to compete with the surge in online shopping. Bars and clubs are also constantly looking at ways of clawing customers back from the increase in the ‘stay home’ offering from supermarkets and TV streaming services. Some of this is achieved with media advertising, social media campaigns or in-store point of sale promotion. The problem is how do you
  Offering an in-house buffet service has always been seen as an industry panacea when catering for large and / or flexible diners. Hotel guests who require an early breakfast, travel groups working to a strict schedule or simply a cost – effective alternative to the plated or ‘sit down’ diner.   A buffet system certainly offers increased versatility but can also be ‘counter – productive’ if unplanned. For example, what if everyone decides to

Is there Profit in selling Wine by the Glass?

Posted on 28th February 2019

  According to the latest sales trends, in the UK, we are drinking less wine.   However, while volume sales may be down, wine is still consumed by over 60% of the adult population.   And we are choosing higher quality brands.   This is a trend that has been seen over the past few years as consumers become more discerning about their choice of grape. Sure, we still love French wine, despite the surge
  Speed and convenience are probably the two key factors for catering success and no-where is this seen more than in the revolutionary heated and chilled display plate from Catertherm.   The hot and cold plate offers ultimate flexibility for all food service providers. One single plate that has the capability of offering any temperature between -5°C and +140°C and all at the push of a button. It’s also fast. Just 20 minutes to transfer
  Versatility combined with reliability are the two words that spring to mind when you mention Bohner commercial kitchen technology. Established over 30 years ago in the German city of Bad Waldsee (also home of Hymer motorhomes) we are proud to announce our appointment as their primary UK distributor.   The family run business, with founder Hubert Bohner still firmly in the driving seat supported by his wife Brigitte and three daughters has carved a

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