Food Display Trolley

Catertherm puts your food in focus with the versatile and adaptable food display trolley. With a range of hot and cold food holding solutions, there’s never been an easier and better way to present your food and drinks to guests.

Displaying food in a highly presentable manner can be a challenging task. With the Catertherm trolleys, we make it easy, whilst ensuring the highest aesthetic standards and optimum holding temperatures.

The trolleys feature pioneering catering technology, such as invisible induction warming, and our celebrated Hot & Cold Plate which allows the user to control the temperature between -5°c and +140°c.

A solid oak frame combined with the luxury stone Dekton™ counter surface impresses guests, whilst the durable castor wheels and straighforward controls means staff find the equipment easy to use. Internal shelves can be chosen to provide greater storage space, creating a fully portable food display system.

We’ve also incorporated cutting-edge designs from Sweden which feature on our heat lamps and counter-top hot trays. Flexibility and adaptability is vital to every food service environment. Our food display trolleys offer the greatest range of functions, ensuring happy chefs, staff and guests.

Examples of Mobile Food Display Trolleys

Hot & Cold Plate + Induction + Heat Lamps



Ambient Trolley + Counter Top Units


Hot & Cold Food Display + Heat Lamps


Invisible Induction + Heat Lamps


Hot & Cold Bain Marie Well