Freestanding Heat Lamps

Catertherm offers a wide range of excellently manufactured Heat Lamps from our partner Stayhot, from Sweden. These heat lamps are functionally perfect, keeping food at the perfect temperature whether on a pass or in a buffet. Aside from the function, the design of the heat lamps is something very impressive. The new focus range has a huge range of colour and design options including pendant lamps, pendant with a retractable cord and tabletop freestanding units. Our heat lamps offer a timeless design combined with unmatched performance — the perfect choice for the demanding restaurant. Using only components of the highest quality, these heat lamps are manufactured with precision at the warehouse in Sollentuna, Sweden.

These freestanding heat lamps offer great versatility with the ability to be placed wherever you require them. Ideal for the modern pop-up or mobile food service area. Consider combining the freestanding unit with our counter-top Hot & Cold Plate to offer the ultimate mobile food holding solution.

For pendent heat lamps, head over to our Pendant Heat Lamps page.


Focus Freestanding Heat Lamps

Freestanding Heat Lamp Focus LPF is the latest addition to our product family. Designed, developed and manufactured in Sollentuna. These heat lamps offer an elegant and flexible warming alternative to the buffet table. Available in six standard colours.

Our new freestanding heat lamp Focus LPF is also available with a clamp base for table mounting. Perfect when space is scarce. Designed, developed and manufactured in Sollentuna. Available in six different colours.