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There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to designing a hotel buffet counter. Below we’re outlining all the questions you need to ask yourself, to design the work top that’s right for you.   Service Operation: At which food service will the buffet counter be used? If you are going to be using the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will need to consider how much space is needed for the
Car Park As a frequent business traveller, often arriving at hotels in a car, I find it extremely useful when the hotel has a car park on site. Alternatively, it is good to know where the nearest affordable car park is. This information would be great at time of booking the hotel.   Simple and effective check in After a usually long drive or day of meetings, I like to be able to check in

From Pneu-Therm to Catertherm

Posted on 5th August 2016

  Pneu-Therm Ltd have an established history of manufacturing Pneumatic multi-tube air connectors and electrical heater elements, this is further endorsed by being the official EU distributor for Tempco electric heater corporation from the US. In 2006 Pneu-Therm Ltd took over Genristo Ltd whom had been manufacturing Industrial electrical heater for over 60 years.   Due to the expansion of our business and product range, we feel our portfolio of manufactured resale items has now

Transparent LCD Screen Fridge

Posted on 19th May 2016

Thanks to innovation in technology, point of sale marketing has become hugely popular in recent years. You only have to look at Camelot’s Lotto video POS terminal to see that. Well, here’s a further development. The video fridge.   This new and innovative transparent LCD screen upright fridge from Catertherm now gives retailers the opportunity to display an advertising message on an ever changing basis at point of sale. The fridge door screen, often featuring

Introduction to Catertherm

Posted on 19th May 2016

Following many years of continual growth, Pneu-Therm has taken the exciting step to launch a new partner company dedicated to the foodservice and hospitality industry.   We intend to build on our success as the exclusive UK distributor for Holler Buffet Solutions as well as our recent exhibit at Hotelympia with the launch, this month, of Catertherm. This new company will source and distribute products from around the world that are not currently readily available

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