Cold Well

Our cold well can achieve temperatures down to -5°C. The controller allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 18°C and -5°C, helping you to hold food at the perfect temperature every time. The innovative cooling system provides cooling up the side walls of the well, alongside the bottom, creating the perfect chilled area to display food.

The cold well is available with a number of sizes, including GN1/1, GN2/1 and GN3/1.

All of these wells are 230v and ready to plug in. The compact compressor, measuring only 140mm deep, means the area under the counter can be utilised like never before. If you need any more information on this product or would like quotations, please get in touch with our sales office or 01636 679415.

For technical documentation, including specification sheets, technical drawings, CAD files, installation instructions and operation manuals, please click HERE.