Cubo - Stainless Steel Wine Dispenser

CUBO – Wine dispenser  Device made 100% of stainless steel. This range perfectly mixes beauty and modernity, then the brand-new “HIGH PRECISION” technology grants the maximum accuracy on any dose.

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The handy display allow you to choose between different quantities: tasting quantity, full glass quantity and free delivery quantity.

Special cap:
with the revolutionary cap and only one device you can open an unlimited number of bottles between 0.375lt and 1,5lt.

Thanks to this exclusive technology Winefit creates a revolution in the service of quality wine by the glass granting the best result with the minimal amount of space. Winefit continues to work everyday to have a better product and to make it more competitive.

Thanks to the new HP TECHNOlOGY you will have always the maximum accuracy on the delivered dose.

360° customization:
basic version is available in different customizations, then it’s also possible to put your brand on the machine for particular commercial actions.

Built-in unit:
possibility of building-in a default form..

Possibility of combining with the CUBOCOOL cooler:
the CUBO unit combines perfectly with the wine cooler CUBOCOOl to keep always your wine at the correct temperature.

Cubo Wine Dispenser Specifications
L 432 mm P 443 mm H 505 mm
21 KG
Max Bottle Diameter
108 mm
Max Bottleneck Diameter
28 mm x 33 mm
Max Bottle Height
350 mm
ca. 50 bott. da 0.75 lt. for one cylinder
Argon Gas Cylinder
argon Ø 70 mm x 0.95 L
Power Supply
110V / 230V – 50/60 Hz
Absorbed Power