Hot & Cold Multi-Well

The multifunctional Hot and Cold Bain Multi-Well gives complete new possibilities for food service. Each individual GN1/1 section can be individually controlled between -5°C and +110°C, meaning your servery counter can adapt to changing customer requirements at different times of the day.

Whilst each individual section can be controlled separately, the whole system works off one refrigeration unit, saving space and cost. 

The Bain Marie unit has a simple to operate controller that lets you switch between hot and cold.

The cooling tubes are around the sides of the unit as well as on the bottom, therefore the complete surface area hits an even temperature. The hot and cold well is available in GN2/1 (two individual GN1/1 sections) or GN3/1 (three individual GN1/1 sections). 

All of these units are 230v and ready to plug in. If you need any more information on this product, or would like quotations, please get in touch with our sales office or 01636 679415

For technical documentation, including specification sheets, technical drawings, CAD files, installation instructions and operation manuals, please click HERE.