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Imagine owning a commercial fridge that could also earns you money

Introducing the video cooler from Catertherm. A free standing or counter-top commercial fridge that displays a video advertising message, complete with optional sound, without blocking the products on view.

Thanks to innovation in technology, point of sales marketing has become hugely popular in recent years. Where previously, customers were faced with a single static branded message, today the use of video now brings the whole message alive with movement and (optional) sound.

You only have to look at Camelot’s Lotto video POS terminal to see this.

This new and innovative transparent LCD screen upright fridge from Catertherm now gives retailers the opportunity to display an advertising message on an ever-changing basis at point of sale.

The transparent screen fridge door enables outlets to display product offers, company branding and much more on what is traditionally dead space. Selecting a drink or chilled product from the retailer’s fridge has never been more exciting.

For the venue, this can now become a profit centre in its own right. From an opportunity to sell advertising space in high footfall areas to increased sales by influencing the consumer at the final decision point.

This is even more relevant for the pub and club trade where waiting customers can be treated to relevant content in the serving area.

The freestanding refrigerator, designed and manufactured by world leaders, LG, even has a built-in speaker and motion sensor, enabling sound to be played when anyone passes the fridge. We hasten to add; this facility can be switched off if not appropriate. The sensor also makes the screen totally transparent if people are stood choosing the products that are inside the fridge.

Our digital fridge, really is a game-changer as far as customer engagement is concerned. The media can be added and updated remotely via its built-in Wi-Fi connection or on – site using a portable USB device. This enables the user to easily change menus, introduce new offers or show relevant advertisements to coincide with timely campaigns.

It also looks good, being both attractive and practical. The slim design and minimal styling ensure the cooler stands out wherever it is sited, conveying a sense of quality on every level.  Our 32” version fits under a standard counter top and offers a temperature range between 2oC to 10oC and come with an easy to use digital controller.

There is no doubt, that with so much competition in the hospitality industry, and a ‘fight for voice’ in the retail sector, this is a product that will certainly give your venue the edge. It can be purchased outright or leased monthly. We also offer a package that includes the production of video content – ask for details.

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