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Putting the pizzazz back into retailing.

Retailers are constantly looking at ways of making the customer experience more exciting and relevant in a bid to compete with the surge in online shopping.

Bars and clubs are also constantly looking at ways of clawing customers back from the increase in the ‘stay home’ offering from supermarkets and TV streaming services. Some of this is achieved with media advertising, social media campaigns or in-store point of sale promotion.

The problem is how do you stand out from the overwhelming visual clutter facing us at the point of purchase?

The Retail Point of Purchase (POP) is probably the most critical part of the ‘customer journey’ It’s when all of the selling elements come together – the consumer, the product/service and the payment.

It’s when pre-determined decisions can be swayed with an ‘impulse buy’ or ‘alternative offering’ and with the demise of the ‘always available’ sales assistant, POP is becoming increasingly important in the final stages of the sales funnel. This is especially relevant in the purchase or re-evaluation stage.

One of the key advantages of POP marketing is it’s highly targeted. The consumer has arrived and promotions can be tailored to local demographics and specific requirements. The problem is that there is a lot of it.

Walk into any retail store, today, and you are faced with a myriad of advertising messages – all coming at you from different directions.  There’s ceiling danglers, shelf wobblers, dump bins, window clings and of course the ubiquitous in-store live promotion.

In addition, the hospitality industry has its ‘A’ boards, feather and sail flags, pull up banners, chalkboards, menu clips and table talkers etc. All giving you the feeling of ‘being under fire’ as soon as you walk in.

So, is there an alternative?

Thanks to innovation in technology, POS marketing has really taken off in recent years. Where previously, customers were faced with a single static branded message, today the use of video now brings the whole message alive with movement and (optional) sound. You only have to look at Camelot’s Lotto video POS terminal to see that.

For outlets selling beverages, we offer a solution that takes this innovation to the next level.

The Catertherm promotional video drinks cooler.

This 32” upright cooler, manufactured by word leaders, LG, combines a commercial refrigerator with a transparent ‘see-through’ door screen that switches from translucent to opaque in seconds. This enables customers to choose their purchase as well as view ever-changing video content – on what is traditionally dead space.

Selecting a drink or chilled product from a retailer’s fridge has never been more exciting.

For the outlet, this can now become a profit centre, in its own right. From an opportunity to sell advertising space in high footfall areas to increased sales with special ‘customer loyalty’ promotions.

This is even more relevant in the hospitality industry, where waiting customers can be treated to relevant content in the serving area. It is also ideal for the smaller retailer who has limited space or for use at an exhibition as an incentive for visiting your stand.

Our digital fridge really is a game-changer as far as customer engagement is concerned. The media can be added and updated remotely via a built-in Wi-Fi connection or on-site using a portable USB device. This enables the user to easily change menus, introduce new offers or show relevant advertisements to coincide with timely campaigns.

There is no doubt, that with so much competition, especially in the hospitality sector, this is a product that will certainly give your outlet the edge and ensure customers remember the interactive experience.

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