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Sweden. The land of the Midnight sun and home of the Sauna, Saab and Smorgasbord. I suppose I could also have included Ikea and Tetra Pack but they don’t begin with the letter S.

Unlike ‘Staychill’

Made in Sweden since 2004, this is a revolutionary freezer display tray that keeps a smorgasbord, and any other chilled buffet, for that matter, fresh and tasty and on display for up to 3 hours after freezing.

With a growing trend for healthy eating and a seemingly insatiable appetite for fresh salad buffets, Staychill trays are perfectly designed to complement any food serving area with their contemporary clean lines and easy to clean surface (hand wash only).

They are manufactured to the highest possible standard – with all materials recyclable – using 1mm anodised aluminium plate, EPS insulation and include four rubber feet for secure fixing. They also come in five different Gastronorm sizes. From a compact 176mm x162mm (GN 1/6) to a giant 530mm x 325mm (GN 1/1) – making them easy to slot into any serving counter.

Staychill chill trays have been manufactured in their home country since 2004 and have gained a deserved reputation for their ability for keeping all types of foods, from sandwiches to celebration buffets, cold without the need for a connected chiller.

This makes them ideal for temporary or ad-hoc serveries.

We are delighted to offer them to the UK market on an ex-stock basis directly from our depot in the East Midlands.

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