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The ice cream dessert, phone cameras were made for.

It’s summer. It’s hot and it’s ice cream month.

A perfect combination, therefore, for customer-facing caterers to dazzle potential customers with a unique experience – stir ‘fried’ ice cream street theatre.

Like most things, the concept is not new. It’s been a favourite in Thailand for many years where it is known as ‘I-Tim-Pad’. It has now quickly spread across the USA and Europe, thanks to the sharing of mobile phone video by enthralled visitors.

‘Stir-fried’ or rolled ice cream is created by mixing different ingredients, such as fruit, chocolate and other favourites, with our propriety ice cream mix and pouring it on to a Teppanyaki frozen plate.

It’s at this point that street theatre takes centre stage. The greater the showmanship of the ‘sommelier’ the more interest created and the more profit generated.

Margins of around 85% are easily achievable.

Ice cream rolling is now taking the West by storm with dedicated parlours or stand-alone kiosks springing up throughout the USA and Europe. The secret to this success is Teppanyaki. The Japanese concept of mixing the right ingredients at exactly the right temperature to create a unique cuisine combined with an element of entertainment.

With our easy option ‘Teppanyaki packages’, caterers can now add to their existing offering, with the installation of our counter drop-in machine or for something more portable, our table top version. A machine that easily fits in a small van for transporting to events and functions.

Successful operators claim that the key to their success is the flexibility of our Teppanyaki plate. Manufactured in Austria and fully EU certified, the plates have a temperature range of ambient to -30°c. Our mobile units even include an optional remote power pack, providing up to 2 hours power away from a mains socket.

Rolled ice cream is a perfect profit-centre in its own right. The appeal of this highly ‘photogenic’ dessert is clear. It’s fun, entertaining and with a wide choice of ingredients, is a definite ‘crowd-pleaser’

This makes it an excellent addition to any menu or location for making the customer experience truly special.

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