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The Perfect Fit

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with WineFit, the high quality wine preservation and dispensing equipment manufacturer from Milan.

WineFit enable you and your customers to offer a huge range of wines by the glass. This market leading equipment stores and dispenses wine at the perfect temperature, at precise measures, resulting in increased profits, reduced waste and increase customer satisfaction. Wine is preserved with the system, meaning a fine bottle of wine can still taste excellent 3 weeks after opening.

WineFit offer a brilliant range of dispensing and preserving equipment, including;

The One – The most compact all in one wine dispenser and preserver available on the market today. Keep multiple open bottles preserved using the special WineFit cap and insert them into the WineFit One machine with ease to dispense. The bottles can be kept refrigerated or ambient as required and the transferred into The One. Check out our product video.



The Evo – The most versatile and impressive machine available. The WineFit Evo enables you to store, chill, dispense and preserve wines with ease using the special WineFit cap and preservation technology. Check out our product video.


Using their special cap and exclusive technology, WineFit are the leaders in wine dispensing and preservation equipment.

We are offering demonstration on the WineFit products all around the country, if this is of interest to you, or anyone you know, please get in touch and we will book you in.