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An easy and profitable way to serve wine by the glass

An easy and profitable way to serve wine by the glass.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, selling wine by the glass can be highly profitable and with our new range of automated chilled wine dispensers, it’s become even easier.

Those who have embraced the concept, claim that selling wine by the glass will return you a profit after just 12 glasses or 3 bottles. This is based on a pour cost of around 20-25% or the same as the wholesale cost of one bottle.

However, we also understand that the concept is considered, by some in the hospitality trade, to be something of a hassle and wasteful, having to split bottles that may then ‘go off’ before being asked for again.


watch the video about the Winefit Evo dispenser below:



All that now changes with the revolutionary range of wine dispensers from Winefit, manufactured in Italy – a country that knows a thing or two about fine wines.

Winefit dispensers combine good looks, easy usage and chilled compartments to deliver wine at the perfect temperature to a precise measure – from a 35ml ‘taster’ to continuous pour.

The key to success is their patented ‘cap technology’ that works with both cork and screw caps and keeps the wine fresh for up to three weeks after opening. This means that bars and restaurants can offer a wide range of wines while at the same time rotating their stock more efficiently.

Winefit offers a complete range of dispensers, catering for every size of business and customer footfall. For example, our ‘Evo’ dispenser can hold up to four bottles, in two separate refrigerated chambers – for different types of wine and even has a fascia touch screen that provides information about the contained wine.

This means, no more reading from the label in front of the customer.

Winefit has created a unique and revolutionary system for delivering measured quantities of wine, all at the correct temperature and with a guarantee of constant quality. The heart of the system is the small replaceable Argon gas cylinder, located internally to maintain the compact footprint, that reduces the exposure to oxygen and preserves the wine for up to 3/4 weeks.

What we especially like about the Winefit range of dispensers is the Italian styling that goes into each model. With an increasing number of photos of ‘eating out’ posted on social media, we know that the visual look now plays a major role in the customer experience.

This is one of the USP’s of our maintenance-free, compact size ‘Winefit One’. It’s a highly portable machine that can be sited anywhere and with its optional battery pack can even be put on a cart for ‘table service’

There is no doubt wine drinkers are becoming increasingly discerning when choosing venues for a night out with social media status being, in many cases, a decisive factor. Winefit dispensers have undoubtedly been designed for the ‘Instagram age’

Each Winefit chilled dispenser combines Italian styling with high precision technology. They are all plug and play – only needing a 13a plug, accommodate different formats, from 0.375t to magnum and can be customised to fit any décor.

Our’ Winefit Cubo’ for example is a stainless-steel dispenser that not only looks the part but acts the part with its precision technology that ensures 100% consistency all the time, every time while our Evo, a four-bottle dispenser, is the latest addition to our range.

The Evo is a state of the art dispenser that combines all the advantages of the Winefit range with added features that greatly enhance the product. These include a double cooling system for managing both red and white wines in one device, a 5’’ touch screen for displaying settings and product information and even include an optional RFID unit for accepting card payments or staff recognition cards.

For more information about the Winefit range of chilled dispensers click here.