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Wine Served At The Correct Temperature – How Cool Is That?

In recent Blogs, we’ve talked about how selling wine by the glass can be highly desirable with, in many cases, profits gained from just 12 glasses – or the equivalent trade cost of one bottle.

However, this is only half the story. Serving a wide variety of ‘grape by the glass’ not only increases open bottle sales but can also prompt an ‘up-spend’ by encouraging customers to consider a higher price point selection.

On the other hand, this is only possible if the premium product lives up its reputation and is served in a premium way.

The correct temperature being one of the main KPI’s.

As we are aware, wine can be severely affected by changes in temperature – depending on the type of wine. Most sommeliers agree that a constant temperature of around 13 °C is the most suitable for both red and white wines.

This means that a traditional ‘food storing’ fridge, with its optimal temperature of between 3°C and 5°C is not recommended. Delicate wines such as Riesling can taste ‘off’ if served too cold while warm red wine can taste ‘overpowering’.

So, what’s the answer?

A commercial wine cooler, offering variable temperature control. Unlike an ‘everyday’ fridge, a dedicated wine cooling and display system is designed to enable bottle storage at the ‘correct’ temperature as well as control humidity and exposure to light.

Our range of refrigerated display cabinets allow you to display open bottles at a perfect temperature, that is anywhere between 2oC and 20oC, also our double cabinet option provides two separate areas – ideal for separating red and white wines.

With an opening at the top, not only is it easy to access, but due to its unique convection system, the temperature is the same at both the top and the bottom of the unit, regardless of how full it is.

Counter top cooler units can be free-standing or integrated into the bar fittings, and are available as single unit, accommodating up to 24 bottles as well as a double unit measuring 995mm x 405mm high. This makes them ideal for engaging with customers and, ultimately increasing sales.

As we say, wine coolers offer many advantages over a standard fridge. In addition to providing the ‘correct’ temperature for wine, there is also less vibration from the compressor motor that could shake the bottles and impair the wine. Also, standard refrigerators cool quickly and have low humidity whereas wine coolers retain humidity and reduce temperature slowly.

Our dedicated wine coolers are designed to enable you to stock a wide variety of wines – all served at their optimum temperature. Manufactured to the highest standard, using high grade components, you can be confident of the wine’s integrity when serving your customers.

In addition to our dedicated wine coolers, aimed at bars and restaurants, we also offer a high end chilled wine / champagne display frame – designed for the chicest of hotel rooms. Gone is the drab mini bar stuck in a room corner and in its place, is a wall mounted touch of luxury.

Available in four different models – from accommodating one bottle and two glasses (ideal for the honeymoon suite) to a multi bottle unit that shouts sumptuousness and splendour – our chilled display frame is designed to promote your drink selection rather than keeping them hidden from view.

For more information about our range of wine coolers and chilled display frames, click here or contact us on: 01636 679415