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Getting it just right – the Goldilocks principle

There is no doubt, one of biggest challenges facing food serveries today is making sure food is served at the ‘right’ temperature – something that could very well be described as the Goldilocks principle.

In the fairy tale, Goldilocks wanted the temperature of her porridge to be ‘Not too hot and not too cold – just right’ A situation that’s easy to create in a story but something of a challenge in the real world.

And even more relevant today, with the ever-increasing demands of a busy food service environment.

Check out restaurant reviews on ‘TripAdvisor’ and you will see that the number one gripe for many diners is the temperature of their food. No one likes ‘lukewarm’ but then again, piping hot is also a big turn off.

Just like Goldilocks, they want it ‘just right’

Ensuring hot food stays hot and cold food is served at the optimum temperature is a priority for all catering managers. From 24 hour outlets such as motorway services to irregular provision such as hotel restaurants and university refectories. Getting it ‘just right’ is a major consideration for the hospitality industry and nowhere is this seen more than in customer facing food servicing.

Thankfully, there is a solution and it’s not a fairy tale.

Catertherm offer a wide range of ‘instant’ solutions when it comes to commercial catering equipment. For example, our hot plate, or heated deck, keeps food at a controlled temperature of between ambient and +140°C.This enables food to be served consistently at the perfect temperature.

Available as both a ‘drop in’ unit or portable appliance, the plate is available with different surfaces including glass, stainless steel and aluminium and is supplied ready to plug in to a standard UK socket.

What about keeping cold food cold?

Our cold plate, sometimes referred to as a frost top, is the dedicated answer to this. With a temperature variance of between 18°C and -5°C, it is also available as a portable table top unit, adding to its flexibility and convenience.

In addition, our drop-in unit has one of the slimmest compressors available, just 140mm deep, creating useful space under the counter.

However, for even greater convenience our combined hot and cold plate offers the ultimate flexibility.  One single unit offering temperature control between -5°C and +140°C and all at the push of a button.

How cool (or hot) is that?

Our patented, revolutionary, one plate design is the perfect solution for the modern day servery where space is usually restricted and a flexible menu is required. Our hot /cold plate ticks all these boxes.

Supplied ex-works in standard GN1 / GN2 and GN3 sizes, the plate is available as either a drop-in unit, that fits seamlessly into any counter-unit or work surface or as a self-contained table top unit for extreme portability.

We can also produce bespoke units to fit most demanding spaces.

One of its key benefits, however, is its ability to change from cold to hot in just 20 minutes and less than 45 minutes from hot to cold. This makes it ideal for venues, such as service stations, university refectories, gastro pubs and event caterers etc. as it will keep food at an optimal temperature and ready to serve.

Or as Goldilocks would say – ‘just right’

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