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The advantages of a versatile buffet counter?

Offering an in-house buffet service has always been seen as an industry panacea when catering for large and / or flexible diners. Hotel guests who require an early breakfast, travel groups working to a strict schedule or simply a cost – effective alternative to the plated or ‘sit down’ diner.

A buffet system certainly offers increased versatility but can also be ‘counter – productive’ if unplanned. For example, what if everyone decides to head to the buffet servery at the same time – can the room accommodate this?

Of course, a buffet option can be an advantage if there is a lack of space, as not everyone will be seated at the same time.  It will, however, always be beneficial to maximise available space to ensure guests can freely move about and comfortably select their food.

Also, the look and grouping of the food is equally as important. A buffet system that matches the room décor, a variety of foods that look appealing and all presented at the correct temperature.

This is critically important to the long-term efficiency of the system.

It is also important to consider, before installing a buffet counter system, at which food service will the counter be used. If offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are hot and cold options to consider and how these can be accommodated. For example, breakfast serving will, generally, use more hot display area than the lunch offering.

One solution to this is our revolutionary hot and cold plate.

Here is a single unit that offers the ultimate flexibility for food service provider. One single plate that has the capability of offering any temperature between -5°C and +140°C and all at the push of a button. It’s also fast. Just 20 minutes to transfer from cold to hot and less than 45 minutes in reverse.

This enables a speedy food changeover such as breakfast to lunch to dinner or buffet variant. It also makes the hot and cold plate ideal for gastro pubs and event caterers as the multi-functional buffet unit can be ready in minimal time satisfying most catering requirements.

It also ideally suited to the modern-day servery where space is usually at a premium. Including the compressor, the unit is just 150mm deep, offers plenty of under-counter storage space and is available in a variety of surface options.

These include coloured glass, stainless steel and high – tech stone Dekton. They are also available as either a drop-in unit that fits seamlessly into any counter-unit or work surface or as a self-contained table top unit for extreme portability.

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