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Our wine cooling and display systems are a real eye catcher at the bar, and are an excellent way to display open wine bottles in order to increase open bottle sales. The system enables you to display open wines at the perfect temperature anywhere between 2oC and 20oC, and the double cabinet option gives two separate areas, ideal for red and white wines. The cabinet is easy to access with the opening being at the top, this also makes the temperature change minimal when opened giving excellent efficiency.


Due to the unique convection system the wine bottle maintains the same temperature from top to bottom, irrespective of how full it may be. We offer the cabinet as a 10 – 12 bottle single unite (measuring 595mm long by 405mm tall) and a 20 – 24 bottle single unit (measuring 995mm long x 405mm tall). Both of these are available as double units. The cabinet can be wall mounted, integrated into a bar design or free standing. If you need any more information on this product, or would like quotations, please get in touch with our sales office or 0044 (0) 1636 679415.

Size Capacity Temperature Style
595mm x 405mm 10-12 0.75l bottles 2-20C Single Unit
995mm x 405mm 22-24 0.75l bottles 2-20C Single Unit
1140mm x 405mm 2 x 10-12 0.75l bottles 2-20C Double Unit
1938mm x 405mm 2 x 22-24 0.75l bottles 2-20C Double Unit